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Big Walker Mountain by Richard Cobb

Hanging out at cloudbase

Big Walker is a hidden jewel of a flying site in the mountains of SW Virginia. A 30 mile NW facing ridge offers potential for long ridge runs, great altitude gains, and proven "over the back" XC potential. This article appeared in the August 2015 issue of the USHPA magazine.

Big Walker article (pdf)

Five Years With a Powered Harness by Richard Cobb

Hanging out at cloudbase

This article contains information and reflections based on having owned a powered harness for 5 years, together with "what I wish I had known" from other FLPHG pilots.  It appeared in the February, 2007 issue of Hang Gliding Magazine

5 Years with a powered harness article (pdf)

Foot Launching With Power by Richard Cobb

Launching the Mosquito NRG

This introductory article to flying powered harnesses appeared in the October, 2001 issue of Hang Gliding Magazine.  It discusses the basics of powered harnesses and flying them and includes information on flphg (foot launched powered hang glider) harness manufacturers and suitable gliders.

flphg article(pdf)

Learning to Launch a Power Harness by Richard Cobb

Nil-wind takeoff
See the video the above sequence of images was taken from: Takeoff4.mpg

This article is a summary of ideas from many different pilots on how to go about learning to fly a powered harness. It appeared in the March, 2002 issue of Hang Gliding Magazine

learning to launch article(pdf)

A Dynamic Analysis of A Landing Flare by Richard Cobb

Putting Your Mass to Work


This article appeared in the August 1990 issue of Hang Gliding Magazine. It discusses the importance of body position and technique in achieving a crisp flare, and presents a visualization technique to help improve landings.

Landing Flare article (pdf)

Robert Melzer was kind enough to provide a German translation of this article: Landing Flare Article (German)

Returning To Earth by Greg DeWolf


This appeared as a two-article series in the July and August 1986 issues of Hang Gliding Magazine.  It is an excellent piece on all phases of the landing from approach to flare, and techniques to use when things don't go as planned.  Posted by permission of the author. 

Returning To Earth Articles (pdf) 

Column Failure of Bent Tubes by Richard Cobb


This appeared in the June 1989 issue of Hang Gliding Magazine.  It presents some calculations on the compression (column) strength of control bar down-tubes, and the degree to which strength is affected by a bend in the tube.

Column Failure of Bent Tube Article (pdf)

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