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USHPA: The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association - In 2006 the USHGA (US Hang Gliding Association) became the USHPA (US Hang gliding and Paraglding Association), and also has a new web address: 

Power Harnesses and the USHPA: As of early 2007 the fate of flphg within the USHGA is pretty well dead.  This was one of two divisive issues USHGA has dealt with (the other being the name change to the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association).  There was vocal and energetic opposition to both flphg and the name change, although that viewpoint may have been the minority on both issues.  Both of these questions were finally be resolved in 2006. The name change was approved, acceptance of flphg was not.

USA - Insurance for Powered Harnesses: After USHPA rejected power harnesses, pilots who had relied on the insurance coverage were without coverage. Now the United States Ultralight Association has stepped in to support us. To obtain coverage for a powered harness, you must be a USUA member, have at least a USHPA H3 current rating, and register your equipment with USUA (the insurance cost is in addition to the membership and registration fees). I highly recommend supporting the USUA, even if you don't currently need the insurance - they are the only org that was willing to take care of our small community.

BHPA: The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, publisher of Skywings Magazine:

HGFA: The Hang Gliding Federation of Australia:

HPAC: The Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada:

FAA Procedures and Information: Resource for general aviation info - useful procedures for dealing with Air Traffic Control, etc:

Professional Air Sports Association: " information on the industry of Hang Gliding, Kiteboarding, Paragliding, Parasailing, and Ultralight Flying for businesses and individuals":

Teaching and Learning Resources

New Hang Gliding Pilots: Good information for learning about basic hang gliding stuff:

Blue Sky Hang Gliding: Hang Gliding School near Richmond, Virginia, and a dealer for the Mosquito Powered Harness:

Appalachian Airsports: Hang Gliding School near Lenoir, NC:

Thermal Valley Hang Gliding: Hang Gliding Tandem Flights and Training near Lenoir, NC:

Foothills Flight Park: Hang Gliding School near Charlotte, NC:

Southern Skies: Once aParagliding School in central North Carolina, they now sell and manufacture paramotor units:

Airways Airsport(UK): BHPA School, located at Darley Moor, near Ashbourne

Local Clubs

Skywacker Home Page: The "Skywackers" club started out as a group of crazy hang glider pilots in the 70's.  It has gotten a bit more respectable these days, welcomed Paraglider pilots into it's ranks, and even changed the "official" name to the more respectable "Southwest Virginia Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association".  But in our hearts we are still Skywackers!  Boo Waa!

Big Walker Mountain: Big Walker Mountain has a flying history dating back to the early days of hang gliding in the mid 70's. With a 30 mile unbroken ridge and 100 mile over the back XC potential, it is still a world class site. If you are in SW Virginia, be sure to get you some: Big Walker

Fly Roanoke: An early page for Hang Gliding and Paragliding pilots in the Southwestern region of Virginia. No longer an active page, but a historical mirror is hosted here:

Mountaineer Hang Gliding Association:Located in West Virginia.

Capital Hang Gliding / Paragliding Association:Club located in Washington DC area
Capital Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association
Skyline - CHGPA Publication

Hyner View Hang Gliding Club: Hang Gliding Club & Site in Central Pennsylvania.

Tennessee Tree Toppers:Located in Dunlap Tennessee (near Chattanooga). Dunlap is in the Sequatchie Valley and home of the world famous Henson's "radial ramp".

Sauratown Mountain Hang Gliding Club: Located in Northern North Carolina. (Sauratown Mt has been closed, and now the web site is down - I'll leave this link for awhile in case someone reactivates it).

Other Resources

Sport Aviation Publications: A wide variety of textbooks written by Dennis Pagen.  Excellent references for both beginning and advanced hang glider and paraglider pilots, with extensive towing and weather information.

Tennessee Propellor: Specializes in propellors and engines.  They are listed here because they make very nice wooden replacement propellors for the Mosquito that are much cheaper than the carbon fiber originals.

Airborne Gliders: Australian Manufacturer of the Airborne Sting XC2 175, a good glider for use with a powered harness as it offers easy handling, good performance, and an excellent weight range. The keel is already removable so no major modifications are needed.

Avian: - UK Manufacturer of hang gliders, paragliders, and harnesses:

Peter Birren's Flying Links Nice master list of links to all sorts of things of things Flying related.

Kevin Cosley's Site Kevin is a Doodlebug pilot in the Western US. He has some nice flying photos:

See How It Flies An excellent on-line book about all aspects of flight physics and techniques.

Landowner Liability:  Our priviledge to fly depends largely on the good nature of the landowners who give us permission to use their property.  Unfortunately in this age the concern of exposure to a lawsuit is a very real concern that might prevent many from granting us permission who would otherwise be willing to do so.  A number of states have passed laws to protect landowners from these sorts of lawsuits.  In general this protection applies only when there is no money involved (or limited to small amounts).  Here are the particulars for states in this area (note: one or another of these states likes to change their links every few weeks - especially West Virginia - so if one is not working drop me a line and I'll update it - again.  I've finally also given up and made .pdf copies of each statue, so if the link doesn't work today you can still read the statute and maybe have some clues as to how to find it on the state site):
 VirginiaVirgina PDF file
North Carolina  ,  North Carolina PDF file
West Virginia  ,   West Virginia PDF file

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